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Andiamo! is Colorado's Italian Community Newspaper and serves as a celebration of all that makes us proud to be Italian & Italian American. Distributed throughout Colorado to native Italians, Italian Americans, and Italophiles, Andiamo! is a newspaper for all who appreciate the cultural & historical contributions of Italy and its descendants.

    Founded in 2003, Andiamo! is published monthly and seeks to provide a uniting source of news, information, entertainment, and pride to all in Colorado's Italian American community.

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Meet Our Staff



Every month, Andiamo! seeks to represent our community in a positive way, but who are the people who represent Andiamo!?  The  hard work of our writers and contributors is what makes our publication a source of pride for Colorado’s Italian American community issue after issue, and it is a great pleasure to introduce them now to you… 

Jenna Capra

   Tiny Italian Flag Owner, Editor, & Publisher: Jenna Capra

A graduate of Colorado State University, Jenna began writing for Andiamo! shortly thereafter, combining her love of writing, with her passion for her Italian American heritage. Inspired by her father and large Italian family’s stories of growing up in Italy and immigrating to the United States, it has always been a pleasure and an honor to learn and share the stories of others. When the opportunity to step up as owner, editor, and publisher arose in 2011, Jenna took the leap in hopes of continuing the paper’s legacy for the Italian American community of Colorado. Over 120 issues and 11 years later, she is still as passionate as ever and determined to keep improving the publication for years to come.


Alisa DiGiacomo

    Tiny Italian Flag A Page In Time & Community Stories: Alisa DiGiacomo

Alisa DiGiacomo is the curator of Decorative and Fine Arts at History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society.  A collection of over sixty-five thousand artifacts, Decorative and Fine Arts holdings include; paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, textiles, furniture and special collections including seven regional house museums. In 2007, she curated The Italians of Denver exhibit at the Colorado History Museum and in 2008, published her book: Italy in Colorado: Family Histories from Denver and Beyond. More recently, she curated the exhibit Destination Colorado, now open at the History Colorado Center. A fifth-generation Italian American in Colorado, she holds a B.A. in art history and  photography from the University of Northern Colorado and an M.A. in art history and museum studies from the University of Denver.


   Tiny Italian Flag Contributing Writer: Jenna Peccia

Jenna Peccia is a Colorado native and graduate of Regis University who majored in International Business. She hopes to be a great fashion designer – the next Versace – after she graduates.  She is very quiet and shy, but she is slowly becoming more social – very slowly.  When Jenna’s not studying, she likes to read Archie Comics, play video games, watch Sailor Moon, and spend time with her amazing family.  She likes 80s and 90s music, especially Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and  Backstreet Boys.  While Jenna never liked writing papers for school, she loves writing for Andiamo!  because she meets new people and learns about her Italian heritage.


Dominique Lillo

   Tiny Italian Flag Contributing Writer: Dominique Lillo

Dominique Lillo, the daughter of Monty and Rosemary Peltier and older sister to Danielle Peltier Case, is a native to Colorado. She attended Catholic schools from preschool through college and graduated with a BA in English from Regis  University in 2004. Her husband, Jeff Lillo, and son, James Lillo, are her constant companions. Dominique and her husband enjoy traveling, most recently visiting France, and have been married 5 years. She loves writing, drag racing, watching and playing sports, and spending time with her family. She enjoys writing for Andiamo! because of how much she learns about the Italian-American community in Colorado and all the interesting stories people have to tell. 


Robin Ferruggia

   Tiny Italian Flag Contributing Writer: Robin Ferruggia

 Robin is a professional environmental journalist and science writer who freelances for a variety of publications. With a master’s degree in journalism and a master’s level certificate in environmental policy from the University of Colorado in Boulder, she specializes in in-depth reporting on our relationships with wildlife. Robin has a master's degree in social work with an emphasis in community organization. She has worked with various legal services and as a professional expert witness to the courts, but her true passion lies in writing and working with animals. She has worked with Therapy Dogs Inc to provide service animals to nursing homes and special education classes; and has dreams to create an online magazine which will focus on our connections with the planet, wildlife, animals, and ourselves. Robin currently lives in Pinewood Springs with her two dogs, Paiute and Little Rascal. She enjoys photography, computer art, drawing, painting, sculpture, and working for Andiamo! because it provides an important connection to the Italian Community!



 In addition, Andiamo! occasionally features the work of additional contributing writers. If you're interested in writing for Andiamo! each month, or wish to simply submit a story for print, please see our guidelines on features and contact us!




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